Australian Catholic Liturgical Art

Australian.  This website presents a collection of original articles written in Australia by Australians.  The content of each article has a clear Australian link.  Generally this means that they are about artists, architects and works in Australia.  It aims to foster an appreciation of the best church art in the country, past and present.

Catholic.  This website is managed by the National Liturgical Architecture and Art Council, an agency of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.  Its concerns are broader however than art in Catholic churches.  It aims to stimulate reflection on what might be possible to create a sense of the sacred in spaces for worship.

Liturgical.  This website has as its focus the liturgy of the Catholic Church, not only the celebration of Sunday Eucharist, but also the rites of the sacraments, funerals and other forms of communal prayer.  It encompasses not only the architecture and art of church buildings, but also the creation of shrines and images for religious devotion. 

Art.  This website takes art in a broad sense since the Church has not adopted any particular style or form of art as its own (SC 123); what is good and true contributes a noble beauty to acts of worship.  Art includes crafting worthy vessels, vestments and objects for liturgical use.  Sacred art leads people to the infinite beauty of the Creator God.

Website Launch Video

This video was played on the occasion the launch of art.catholic.org.au at 1pm on 10 May 2021 at the Plenary of the bishops of Australia. The website was officially launched by Most Rev Patrick Michael O’Regan, Chairman, Bishops Commission for Liturgy.